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New Year Refresh/Reboot Roundtable

January 07, 2021
11:45 AM CST to 1:00 PM CST
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Virtual Meeting


The New Year is a great time to do an annual review of your goals and habits and consider where you may want to make changes. Maybe you want to start a hobby. Find a new way to stay motivated. Attend a professional conference. Read one book per month. Grow your network. Whatever it is, early January can be a good time to assess where you are and make a plan for the things you want to accomplish in 2021.

With that in mind, IABC/Topeka is planning the first meeting of 2021 as a New Year Refresh and Reboot Roundtable. We’ll discuss things like:

  • What communications/marketing content are you listening to/watching? (podcasts, YouTube, etc.)
  • What are you reading (or hope to read)? (blogs, books, media, newsletters, emails, etc.)
  • Who/what are you following? (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, other?)
  • What conferences, seminars, or other professional education will you be attending this year?
  • What do you do to stay motivated? Personally or professionally; on a challenging project or in a hard season; within the virtual realm.
  • What are your tips to boost creativity?
  • What trends are you following for 2021?

Through this interactive session, our hope is that you will learn something new and leave with key takeaways to transform your personal and professional habits in the New Year. We will be collecting all your comments and develop a how-to guide to share with fellow IABC/Topeka members. Given the pandemic, we are still planning for a virtual meeting. Zoom log-in information will be sent out the morning of the meeting. 


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