Late Dec. 2018 President's Message

Happy almost 2019!

Soon, the Topeka IABC team will be kicking off the new year with announcements regarding our preparations for Bronze Quill 2019. One way that you can prepare is by getting involved with Gold Quill on the regional level. Here are some resources you may find interesting:

Your final opportunities to submit entries to the 2019 IABC Gold Quill Awards program will be here before you know it. The deadline is Wednesday, January 9 and the late deadline, which is the last chance to submit an entry (at a higher entry fee), is Tuesday, January 29. Don't miss out on getting recognized for your great work!

We're excited for all we have planned so far for 2019 and hope you will join us for a year of growth and recongnition!

Jesyca Hope, IABC/Topeka President

Dec. 2018 President's Message

This message is LATE.

The IABC Topeka Chapter holiday party is THIS WEDNESDAY – and you haven’t gotten my note.

And for once, I actually have a reason besides generally being a bit "Prisoner of Azkaban"-style Hemione Granger.

One week ago I was in a really severe accident. A (presumably drunk) driver ran a red light a t-boned my car. I was wearing a seat belt and all my airbags deployed – so even though I rolled – and spun – and slid, I walked away. Bruised and sore, but walking. I was supposed to be on bedrest for the week – but I happen to have volunteered as the volunteer coordinator for Festival of Trees – and I couldn’t NOT be there. (Ok, I could have, but, if you know me, that just wasn’t an option for my personal code.) Speaking of Festival – I want to give a shout out to member Jenalea Randall (and her sister) for their ribbon-winning porchscape and a kudos to the IABC/Topeka board for submitting our first ever chapter entry into the festival!

I am – quite literally – blessed to be alive and even ABLE to come to the party this week. And when I think about the life that I get to continue living – the community we’re building here in Topeka – how many new followers I have on Instagram (thanks to last month’s presentation) – I am overwhelmed. But in a really good way. I went from – omg there is so much to do (ugh) – to – OMG there IS so MUCH to do (yippee).

In light of the renewed sincerity of my violent perkiness – I want to celebrate with you. And I know, for the most part, this is a REALLY last minute reminder, but hopefully, it’s a reminder of one of your favorite things – because it’s time to play – OUR FAVORITE THINGS.

Free to members and their guests– food and beverages included.

Please bring FIVE (5) IDENTICAL WRAPPED ITEMS that each cost $5 or less. (Hence, your total spend would be UNDER $25). They can be a random cool thing you found, or, one of your favorite things. For example, most years I bring 5 bottles of Cold Duck. It was the first spirit I ever tried, and I remember my pop-pop sneaking it to me. It’s sweet and bubbly and feels like an inside joke and you can get it for $4.99 a bottle.

You’ll leave the party with five NEW gifts, and a wonderful collection of stories from your friends and peers.

If I don’t see you Wednesday, I’ll see you soon!