From Planning to Doing: Lend Your Talent to IABC/Topeka!

IABC/Topeka is a vibrant, talent-rich professional development organization because of YOU! One of my most significant take-a-ways as IABC/Topeka has progressed through the 2015 strategic planning process has been witnessing how truly passionate many of you feel about the chapter as a whole and about the network/friendships you have fostered over the years. Loving what you do and who you do it with is a sweet recipe for success — it seems to me IABC/Topeka members really love what they do and who they do it with! I feel honored to be a member and serve on the board.

On a monthly basis, 50-60 communications and marketing professionals benefit from great networking and professional development opportunities. This is made possible due to the work done by a small IABC volunteer BOD. On an annual basis, the impact of yet another small volunteer effort casts an even wider net in order to honor and recognize excellence in our field through the Bronze Quill Awards and Communicator of The Year Awards. We are a volunteer-reliant organization, and must continue to seek ways to recruit, engage and develop members in order to thrive.

That is exactly the goal of chapter’s recent strategic planning efforts. Through the recent member feedback survey and open-invitation strategic planning exercises, six initiatives have emerged. Successful execution of these six key initiatives is only possible if members of IABC/Topeka now take the reins and run with them. It is now time to transition from planning to doing!

As you read each of the initiatives, please consider which of these you are most passionate about. Which of these might you be able to lend your talent to collaboratively lead? Which of these could you most benefit from in your professional or personal life? Which of these offers you a chance to exhibit your most creative self?

At the November professional development meeting, members will be able to join an IABC/Topeka Initiative Team and consider a more active role in the future of IABC/Topeka. We aren’t talking about time commitments or to-do lists or leveraging resources yet, so don’t be afraid to just sign up for a team and be willing to learn more!

The six key initiatives are:


1. Recruitment:
Actively recruit new members to grow and sustain IABC/Topeka

  • Focus on achieving a net number (65 on an ongoing basis)
  • Promote the benefits of membership
  • Increase our Brand visibility 


2. Engagement:
Drive member engagement throughout the organization

  • New member early involvement
  • Transform new members into dedicated members
  • New approach to engaging more senior members


3. Network: 
Create connection opportunities to build relationships, share ideas, expertise, resources, and insights through our “Network”


4. Leadership:
Provide impactful leadership development opportunities for our members

  • Board member recruiting, continuity, and sustainability
  • Introduce mentorship initiative
  • Leadership development opportunities


5. Professional Development:

Provide meaningful professional development for every stage of our member’s careers

  • Quality programming
  • Appropriate amount of programming and networking
  • Leverage technology to develop remote accessibility of professional development opportunities


6. Rebranding: 
Complete re-branding in alignment with IABC international guidelines by June 2016

If you cannot attend the next meeting but identify an initiative you would like to learn more about, please email me at

See you Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Lisa Ignoto