Return on Investment

I have exciting news! The IABC/Topeka membership survey closed with a 71 percent response rate. In my surveying efforts over the years, there have been many, many times I would have been thrilled with a survey response half of that rate. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to say “thank you” to all who took the time to respond and provide comments/suggestions. 

After the chapter survey closed, the results were tabulated and presented to the member volunteers who participated in the chapter strategic planning session held August 31. The results were an important component of this process. The planning group heavily relied upon your survey comments and feedback throughout the discussions and planning exercises, which ultimately lead to the realization of six key initiatives for IABC/Topeka.   

So, where do we go from here?

The six key initiatives will be presented at the October professional development luncheon prior to the guest speaker portion of the program. It is the Board’s hope one of these six initiatives will resonate with you as an opportunity – whether it be an opportunity to re-engage in a unique way, to further develop your leadership and collaboration skills, or to be a part of fresh, new chapter activities.

Fifty-five percent of the survey respondents indicated they think their IABC/Topeka membership adds “SOME VALUE” to their professional development. The results of the 2015 strategic planning not only serve as a roadmap for IABC/Topeka over the course of the next several years, they also provide a chance to ensure you (and your employer) realize a level of value commensurate with or exceeding your IABC membership dues.

How much are you willing to invest in your professional development, your career and your IABC/Topeka chapter? A positive return on investment should not simply be a measurement you seek from your communications/marketing campaigns, we hope it is something you recognize in yourself through your involvement with IABC/Topeka.

I hope to see you for the luncheon on Wednesday, Oct. 7. October is membership month. Please consider inviting someone you know who could benefit from IABC/Topeka and help us further establish the chapter as the premier communications organization of Northeast Kansas.  

Lisa Ignoto
IABC/Topeka, President

Survey results below.

  •    71 percent response rate
  •    26 individual; 10 corporate memberships
  •    2 responses “contact me to be more involved”
  •    Most valuable benefits of being an IABC/Topeka member:
       Networking, Professional Development, Resources, Leadership Development
  •    In regard to chapter sustainability, what are IABC/Topeka’s biggest threats?            Time, Recruitment of new members, Engagement