Get Involved!

We need you on the Bronze Quill committee!

Next April will be our bi-annual Bronze Quill ceremony. We’re getting a committee together to plan and need your help. Contact one of the co-chairs, Tamara Taylor ( or 438.6052) or Jane Hazard ( or 224.7809), to join the committee. Duties will include organizing the award submissions and judging as well as planning the ceremony.

Also, start thinking about the entries you’d like to submit. Projects from 2013 and 2014 are eligible for entry. We’d love to award your project a coveted IABC Topeka Bronze Quill!

Loving Fall and Being an IABC Member

As I write this, Fall officially begins in less than 24 hours.  Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons, and I think I like it so much because it is a chance to not only get the boots, jackets, sweaters and turtlenecks out of the closet, but also because of the gorgeous fall foliage we have the great pleasure to experience living in Northeast Kansas.  Fall is also typically when IABC promotes their membership month. Membership month is a focused opportunity for members to invite fellow communicators who aren’t currently members, to attend an IABC meeting, and hopefully, they like us so much and find out how cool we are, that they join! 

I do hope that we have many guests attending the meeting this month (and if not during October, then at a future meeting).  Membership month is a great time to showcase what our chapter is about, and to bring into our already fantastic network of communicators, even more who are in the profession and share our passion for all forms of communications.  I was invited to attend a meeting back in 2006 during membership month, and lo and behold, I became a member. Eight years later, I am still here lovin’ every minute of it!  I continue to be a member because of the networking and professional development that I am exposed to on a monthly basis, and I must admit, I have met some truly great friends in the process.  With all that said, I am a little forlorn that I won’t be able to attend our October meeting, featuring Amy Hyten, who will discuss the Silverbackks volunteer organization in Topeka.  They are doing great things for our community, and I encourage you to like their Facebook page and learn a little more about them before Amy speaks on October 1. 

A reminder that we will be having our annual “fun”tabulous holiday gathering for members coming up in December.  Janie Rutherford is working on a location for the event, so keep an eye out for further details on the date and time—you won’t want to miss it!  Also, there are some board members who are looking for volunteers to serve on committees, so if you want to get involved, please watch for those announcements. 

Wishing you all the best fall season yet!

~Keri Renner
IABC/Topeka president