“There is no fate but what we make.”

Never could I have imagined I’d be sitting in front of the movie Terminator: Salvation and a glimmer of inspiration would be sparked as a result of a phrase spoken by the main character, John Conner. I am not a science fiction fan, so when the family elects this genre of movie, I often sit with the gang but rarely is my mind engaged in the highly unlikely to ever happen plot. It is far more likely I am mentally processing my week’s to-do lists, working out a meal plan, or trying to practice the oh-so tricky art of sleeping with my eyes open.

However, this weekend, as we immersed ourselves in all things Terminator, I actually did pay attention to the lion’s share of the series. One phrase, or iteration of a phrase, appears in each of the four movies. That is, “There is no fate but what we make.” After hearing it for the third time, it made me think of IABC Topeka and the journey we are about to embark upon – strategic planning followed by rebranding. While I certainly do not want to offend anyone who does not believe in the premise of fate alone, I hope the common ground to establish is that if you would like to be a part of helping chart the course for your professional organization for years to come, now is the time to get involved. Here’s your chance to make IABC Topeka what you need it to be so that you may continue to grow in both your professional capacity as a communicator as well as personally through networking and new relationship bonds.

To kick off the 2015/2016 chapter year, Jim Welch, a well-known and respected marketing professional turned consultant, will lead IABC Topeka members through a formal strategic planning process in the month of August.  

As so many organizations have found themselves evaluating strategies for future relevance and sustainability, it seems a fitting time for IABC Topeka to evaluate our strategic direction as a professional organization and consider new opportunities. You are in a position to help chart the course of our professional organization for years to come. Your thoughtful, forward thinking ideas relevant to IABC Topeka are of great value.

The goals of the strategic planning activity are tri-fold:

  • Develop a chapter mission and vision statement (As an FYI, IABC Global mission and vision can be found by CLICKING HERE.)

  • Identify 3-4 key strategies for meeting members’ needs while moving the organization into the future

  • Develop organizational action plans for each key strategy to span 3 years

The strategic planning session is open to ALL chapter members. If you would like to be a part of the strategic planning team, please email me at and include which of the following dates you would be able to participate no later than close of business Wednesday, July 29th.

Possible strategic planning session dates/times:

Monday, August 24          1:00 –  5:00 pm

Wednesday, August 26    1:00 – 5:00 pm

Monday, August 31          1:00 – 5:00 pm

Once the date indicating the greatest participation is confirmed with Jim on July 30, 2015, a meeting invitation will then be sent to all individuals who indicated interest in participating no matter which date was preferred. (Please note, the session will last 4 hours and we ask that you only commit if you can be a part of the full exercise.)

I look forward to serving as your president this year. Please add me to you contacts and know you can call or email any time. If I cannot help you personally, I am committed to connecting you to the person who can. My email address is and my phone number is 785.232.2224.

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Lisa Ignoto