What Would You Say?

What Would You Say?
If, in the next week, you are presented with an opportunity to tell someone about IABC/Topeka and your experience with the chapter, what would you say?

Renewed Energy! Enthusiasm! Creativity! Change Agents! These are a few descriptive words that come to mind when I ask myself this question.

Most of us are probably familiar with the phrase “elevator speech.” An elevator speech is a 20-30 second, persuasive speech you can use to spark interest in what your organization does, how it is unique, or maybe what it stands for. By design, the message should be memorable and succinct. The purpose of the communication is to create interest. I would venture to guess many of us have that speech ready to deliver on behalf of the organization we work for, but I wonder how many of us have a polished 30-second pitch prepared for opportunities to talk about IABC/Topeka. 

Over the course of the last six months, chapter members have been presented with a number of feedback and engagement opportunities. Many of these actions have been taken for the purpose of developing a thoughtful strategic plan with a clear vision and well-defined actions. The “fruits of these labors” will soon be shared in the form of our official strategic plan for the next three years.  I challenge you to attend the March professional development luncheon then use the strategic plan information combined with your experiences to develop your “elevator speech” about the renewed IABC/Topeka.

Chapter News You Need to Know:


Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Capital Plaza Hotel
8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

The IABC/Topeka Special Events committee is planning a robust professional development opportunity just for you! The half day seminar will include sessions on:

  • Life Balance: How to Wear Many Hats and Keep Your Head on Straight by Karen Susman. Known for her solid content, interaction and humor, Susman has 33 years of international speaking experience. Check her out at

  • Marketing and Branding Master Class by Timothy Caboni, Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs, University of Kansas

  • Communicating Across the Generations by Melia Stockham, Workforce and Leadership Development Program Evaluator, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

Immediately following the seminar, we will host the Communicator of the Year award. It is not too early to begin thinking about who you will nominate for this prestigious chapter award.

We are seeking corporate sponsors for this event. If your organization might be willing to partner in the delivery of this cost-effective professional development opportunity in Topeka, please contact Teresa Jenkins at 228-0900 or

Special thanks to Danielle Pettit, JenaLea Randall, Teresa Jenkins, Keri Renner, and Annie Flachsbarth for their efforts to plan and promote this outstanding event. More details are forthcoming.


One of the six key initiatives for IABC/Topeka is REBRANDING. The REBRANDING committee will present the new IABC rebranding guidelines along with the options the group has developed for our chapter at the February professional development luncheon. All chapter members will be asked to vote via an electronic survey following the reveal. Many thanks to Sarah Towle, Corey Shoup and Danielle Smith for their work on this initiative.


I am pleased to announce that long time chapter member Tracey Stratton, Jones Huyett Partners, has accepted the position of chapter president for the 2016/2017 year and will serve out the remainder of this board year in the capacity of President-Elect. Tracey will soon represent the Topeka chapter at IABC Leadership Institute and, upon return, will begin her recruitment efforts for the 2016/2017 board. Please join me in congratulating and supporting Tracey.

I hope to see you at the February professional development luncheon. With Martha Barlett Piland as our guest speaker, you are most certainly in for a treat! Everyone who attends will be entered into a prize drawing to win a copy of Martha’s new book, "Culturing Creative," a guidebook for fostering the curiosity and creativity that solve everyday problems. Bring a guest to double your odds of winning!!


Lisa Ignoto
President, IABC/Topeka