April 2019 President's Message

Safari on my phone is stacked with articles I mean to read. Which means it was just today that I read a months-old article in Entrepreneur magazine about the five communications skills you need to succeed at business.

I really like four of them. Be respectful. Be authentic. Be thoughtful. Be compassionate.

Yes, yes, yes, yes to all of that.

But the fifth made make that hissing sound that comes from sucking air through your teeth. It was Be Careful. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in thinking before you speak and staying on brand. But this was on TOP of the four conditions above. My interpretation of that? Don’t take risks.

Risks are necessary. Experimentation. Creativity. Even failure – all necessary for growth.

I hope that for you, IABC/Topeka is a place where you feel safe and welcome to take risks – and embrace new successes.


Jesyca Hope

IABC/Topeka President