Sept. 2018 President's Message

A (brief) tale of two trainings.

Two events happened on the first Wednesday of September. Neither was what I expected.

First, the Facebook Community Boost. Perhaps naively, I was expecting transparency. I was hoping this even would bring some understanding of how Facebook delivers information, and what it’s plans for pages are moving forward.

Instead, I learned that Facebook is still counting on me spending money. I learned a really interesting way to build an audience with a (paid) ad. And I had way to much fun with Instagram stories.

For a professional communicator – it was disappointing.  Not even the promotional pen was impressive.

Then, a luncheon at Security Benefit. The topic: their new branding.

The room was beautiful and the crowd – well, now – this meeting was the largest group we’ve had in over three years. I met NEW people – who were also professional communicators in my community. I learned about programs I didn’t know existed, the philosophy behind the logo, actually got a look at their brand guidelines, and more importantly, learned about the steps they used to create brand guidelines. And, frankly, the pen they handed out was nicer. Really nice. In fact, if anyone at the meeting isn’t using theirs, let me have it.

Now, admittedly, these events were geared toward two audiences. And I’m incredibly biased. But I got more out of our IABC meeting. Iron sharpens iron – and I’m incredibly grateful to have a local, very steel-y group.