Commitments, Not Resolutions

Good afternoon and Happy New Year!  If you’re like me, you’ve spent the last few days reading your friends’ decisions to not have New Years’ Resolutions on your Facebook feed.  In fact, that may be because most of us have already BROKEN Resolutions and we didn’t want to confess!  Why does that happen?  Because we don’t take a “resolution” seriously (although fitness centers do; January is typically their best month for new sales).  If you really want 2018 to be your best year ever, don’t think “Resolution.”

Instead of “Resolution,” think “Commitment.”  A “Commitment” is something that doesn’t leave us with the opportunity to fail.  And keep your “Commitments” to a minimum, because they’re going to mean as much to you in December as in January.  Here’s a great process for personal improvement.


1. Design 1-3 Personal Commitments for the year.

2. Write them down.  Be specific.  If you can include milestones (monthly/quarterly/etc.), so much the better.

3. Find an Accountabilibuddy (accountability partner) with whom you’re going to share your commitments and report to regularly.  It’s easy to fail in private; it’s much more rewarding to succeed with support.

4. Do it.  Whatever the Commitment was, do it.


It’s not what you START, but what you FINISH, that will define you in the New Year. And a great thing to start in 2018 is networking with powerhouse communicators with IABC.