President's message 7-27-16

As I get older, it seems that the summer goes faster and faster! I can’t believe it will soon be August. For many, this time of year signifies the beginning of a new school year. For me, it’s the beginning of my term as president of IABC Topeka.

I’m not going to lie, the thought of taking over the reins has been exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time! I’m also going to let you in on a little secret; I agreed to be president as a means to push myself and my comfort level. I hope you don’t mind that you are all pawns in my own personal and professional growth this year.

I’m guessing that we all have the desire for personal and professional growth in common; otherwise you wouldn’t look to organizations such as IABC as a resource for valuable business communication information, training, and education. As we continue on this IABC journey of growth together, please don’t hesitate to give feedback to the board and let us know what is working and what is not. We truly are all in this together.

Feel free to reach out to me via email, [email protected], or call me at 785-224-1769, anytime. Thanks to the board (see list below) for agreeing to be giving of your time and talents in 2016/17. They are also available for any ideas or concerns you want to share.

I hope to see YOU at the August 3 meeting at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library!

Tracey Stratton
IABC/Topeka President


2016-17 IABC Board Slate

President – Tracey Stratton, 224-1769, [email protected]
President Elect - TBD
Administration – Joy Bailes, 438-1121, [email protected]
Professional Development Co-VPs –
Jenalea Randall, 291-7275, [email protected]
Kim Gronniger, 234-2644, [email protected]
Finance – Chris Marshall, 866-363-9595, [email protected]
Communications Co-VPs –
Annie Flachsbarth, 866-363-9595, [email protected]
Kathy Smith, 379-2658, [email protected]
Membership Co-VPs –
Judy Bradley, 969-2512, [email protected]
Marsha Boswell, 785-256-1062, [email protected]
Special Events Co-VPs –
Jesyca Rodenberg, 554-0247, [email protected]
Jannett Wiens, 861-7719, [email protected]
Past President – Lisa Ignoto, 232-2224, [email protected]