Happy Holidays!

The Christmas morning countdown is now in single-digit stage. This is when I usually get either super excited or super nervous depending on the status of my shopping list. This year, I am happy to report, minus a couple gift cards, I am officially done and I love the feeling!

As we approach 2015 year-end as well, I must admit, I typically try to block most thoughts of the “New Year” until after December 25. Then, the week between Christmas and New Years, I make up for it with my masterful list-making skills. This year, I’ve decided to make an exception.

I was trying to think of something valuable I could share with IABC/Topeka members this month. The thought occurred to me to provide a short list of important 2016 deadlines along with a few articles and videos all hyperlinked directly to the resource, most of which are found on the IABC international website.

I hope this HAPPY HOLIDAYS message serves you well!

How to attract a huge following on social media - video message from Guy Kawasaki

Academy online workshops and webinars for 2016

Professional Development Certification. Could this be one of your goals in 2016?

Preparing your strategy for 2016? Don’t miss the article “New Year, News Roles,” by Scott Draeger

Your relationships – are you investing in building great relationships now even if you don’t need anything in return right? Check out this blog.


Have you signed up for IABC/Topeka’s January professional development program yet? Click here to register.

Organizational Change ahead? Don’t miss the article, “The most overlooked asset in organizational change”

Leadership Institute, February 2016

Influencers Raise Awareness – 2015 Gold Quill Winner and Best of the Best campaigns 

Deadline for Super Saver World Conference Registration is Dec. 31. Sign up today!

Awards: Gold Quill Entry Deadline January 13

Your Brand – What does it represent and how do you communicate about that message? Check out this video interview with brand expert Kevin Popovik.

Social Media hashtags you won’t want to miss in 2016: 
#IABC16 - World Conference 2016  

#IABCgq – Gold Quill Awards  
#IABC1417 – Strategy Updates
#CommChat – IABC’s weekly Twitter chat

I would like to close with a special note of thanks. Thank you to all of the dedicated IABC/Topeka Board members. Thank you to all of the IABC/Topeka members who support our chapter and make it the fantastic organization it has become.  When I count my blessings, I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to get to know, work with and learn from each of you.

May you all enjoy a safe, joyous, peaceful holiday!