Thank you to the 2014-15 IABC/Topeka board members

Thank you to the 2014-15 IABC/Topeka board members

As my time as your board president is nearing an end, I would like to make sure to use this space to thank the people who have been serving on your chapter’s board this past year

I recently reflected on the fact that the success of this chapter would not be possible if we didn’t have people who volunteered their lunch hours at least once or twice a month (or more) to serve on the board, and how they have to take a little time out of either personal time or work time to fulfill their board expectations.

Lisa Taylor has been faithfully attending every board meeting and taking about the best notes that any of us has witnessed—therefore, making the rest of us who have done VP Administration look bad—LOL! She’s been thorough and consistent, and for that, I thank her. 

Julie Smrha, who retired from her job last month, will not only be going off the IABC/Topeka chapter board, but retiring from IABC as well. We will miss her and hope that she visits us once in a while.  Janie Rutherford, who has graciously served as our programming VP this year, has come up with some great programs that many people liked, as evidenced by our great turnouts at monthly luncheons. It’s not an easy task, so I thank her!  

Corey Shoup, who has done research on the site we currently use for our chapter website, but also answers the questions we all have about it, has been great, and even adds a little comic relief once in a while! Sarah Towle has been working on the monthly chapter newsletter—and bless her heart—probably has a hole in her shoe from tapping it, waiting on me to get my president’s message to her at the last minute!  Thank you for your immense patience!

Tamara Taylor and Jane Hazard have worked together on getting one of the most memorable Bronze Quill events put together, along with their committee, and I thank them for the work put into that celebration. 

Robin Lampe and Karen Wagaman have been keeping tabs on our members who have lapsed, the renewals, and worked to recruit new members.  Thank you both for your ideas and creativity, and tenacity in following up with people. 

Lisa Ignoto and I met for lunch over a year ago, and she cautiously thought out the possibility of taking on the chapter president’s role.  Lisa has never shied away from voicing her ideas, and has not been afraid to venture out of the norm, so I am excited what she brings to the table as I pass on the baton to her. 

Mary Tritsch and I attended IABC’s Leadership Institute together a few years back, and I had a great time with her and learned so much.  Thank you, Mary, for asking me to be your successor in this group. It was a scary feeling, but I made it through—at least I think I have (one more month to go!)

If you haven’t already done so, please take time to thank each of these talented communicators for their dedication in serving on the IABC/Topeka chapter board. It would not be possible without them!

I look forward to seeing all of you at Rasmussen College on June 3rd, as Karl Fundenberger with the Topeka Metro, talks about the exciting new bike share program that has been implemented. 

Thank you!

~Keri Renner
IABC/Topeka chapter president