Spring is time for a fresh start!

With the arrival of spring and hopefully no more snow, (cross your fingers) it appears that everyone is happy that winter is on its way out the door. Spring is a time for renewal, and even though January typically is the month to create resolutions for the year, spring seems to be yet another opportunity for a fresh start. If you aren’t keeping the resolutions that you made around New Year’s Eve, what self-improvement do you feel that you can begin starting now? If you are you using the same processes and tools year after year and can’t remember the last time you gave serious thought about your career trajectory, it may be time to take a hard look at why and how you are doing the work you do. In a conversation with Mark Schumann, ABC, IABC Fellow, principal of re-communicate, he tells us that he applies the three D’s to ensure his career and communication functions move forward: diagnosis, development and delivery. Click here for more information on the three Ds of your career. 

I am really excited about this year’s Bronze Quill Awards! The Bronze Quill Committee has been meeting for months to plan a memorable event for everyone. It will take place at the Kansas Historical Society, April 9, starting at 5 p.m., and we hope you will join us to support your colleagues, whether or not you submitted an entry. It is a night for networking, cheering on our fellow communicators, and having a great time!

As each month gets closer to July, I realize that I will be passing the torch over to Lisa Ignoto, our president-elect. Lisa is seeking members who would like to serve on the 2015-16 IABC/Topeka board. If you’ve thought about serving and aren’t certain if it’s for you, I encourage you to contact Lisa and visit with her. She has been a great IABC teammate, and I feel great knowing that she is dedicated to our chapter and wants to keep improving upon the work of our predecessors.

I certainly hope to see your smiling faces on Thursday, April 9, and if I don’t, I look forward to seeing you at our May monthly luncheon at Rasmussen College. Details are still pending on the content, but keep looking for a notice to come through to your inbox soon!

Best wishes to you all, and Happy Spring!

Keri Renner
IABC/Topeka President

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