Big events are just around the corner

Hope everyone is staying warm—guess that darn groundhog’s predictions were correct this year! I am thrilled to share with you some great news for IABC. First, within our own chapter, we currently are 57 members strong! I am hoping that we can bump that up to 60 in the near future. I am happy to report that we’ve had some new members join in the last few months, and our big membership month recruitment will take place during March. So, if you want to invite someone to the March meeting at Rasmussen College, please do so, and look for other details coming from Robin Lampe and Karen Wagaman, our membership VPs.

Our president-elect, Lisa Ignoto, just returned from a trip to Orlando to attend IABC’s Leadership Institute. She shared many upcoming changes with International, and one of them was a new logo. At our board meeting last week, she showed us a sample of what it will look like—very simple and we can tweak it to look as we wish for our chapter, so there are less rigorous guidelines to follow. It’s my understanding that International has revamped the process of getting certification as well, so for those interested in earning their ABC, be looking for that information coming soon, too.

We had a lot of submittals for Bronze Quill, which is terrific, and I know that evening will be a special one for all who attend. I hope to see you at the Kansas Historical Society on Thursday, April 9. We promise to have professional development that will give you much needed take-away information you can use in the months of May and June. Janie Rutherford has been working on securing some unique speakers for our membership.

It’s hard to believe that I am more than halfway through my IABC chapter presidency. It has gone quickly! We have a very strong chapter with some talented professionals, whom I am proud to associate with. Of course, there is always something that can be improved upon, and if you have a suggestion or an issue, please bring it to the attention to either one of our board members or me. I learn something from my communications colleagues at every board meeting, every chapter meeting, and even in social media.

Please join us March 4 for a presentation on return on investment that should be stellar, and remember to invite fellow communications professionals to join us in March!

Keep up the great work!

~Keri Renner
IABC/Topeka President

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