2014 Topeka IABC Survey Results

The IABC/Topeka board has been using responses from the recent meeting survey as a guide while we work on ways to modify our professional development meetings to increase their value to members while also ensuring our ability to provide them.

For the meeting time, more than half of respondents ranked the current noon meeting as most favored, and the board agrees. The lunch hour is often only break during the workday, with most of us already booked before and after work with family events and other obligations.

On attendance, slightly less than half of the members attend six or more professional development meetings each year, and while the board would like that to be higher, we're glad to see that attendance level from so many members. However, a bit more than half of respondents said they only attend between one and four meetings per year. For reasons why, almost half said they were too busy at work, but only a quarter said the topics didn't interest or apply to them. While we can't alter your workload, we can make our meetings more interesting and appealing to a broader range of attendees by including topics, speakers and locations that would have been outside our budget previously.

To see if we could make this work, the board asked if members would be willing to pay slightly more for the meetings. Two-thirds of respondents said they would be willing to pay more, as long as it's less than $5. Starting in January, the member rate for professional development meetings is going from $12 to $15, an increase of only $3. The guest rate will still be $20. This extra money will help us provide enhancements to our professional development meetings for our members and their guests.

Again, the board thanks everyone who responded, and we look forward to seeing you at the next IABC/Topeka event!