Innovative Uses of Social Media

You're invited to join us Wednesday, Nov. 5 as Suzie Gilbert, communications and marketing director for Topeka, shows us how the city is using an online platform to engage with citizens and give them a voice in the shaping of the city's future.

Called a Mindmixer, this online platform is boosting public engagement in the community by allowing residents to communicate and collaborate with decision makers. Launched in late June, gets the community involved in the planning process of city projects, and feedback from this interactive and accessible website is used by city leaders as they lay out plans on a variety of projects. gives contributors a chance to share new ideas, rate the ideas of others, expand on existing ideas, and give feedback on city programs and initiatives. The site also measures and tracks participation, identifying the most interested citizens and most compelling topics.  

Suzie Gilbert has worked for two years to build the city’s public engagement efforts through online platforms, town hall meetings, and City4-TV programming. She also is responsible for the city’s media relations, and all internal and external city communications. 

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