President's Message

Are you going to read this? 

When is it ever going to be spring?! I know, I know, not until March 22, at least that’s what Siri told me. I’m not a big fan of Siri – she never understands my questions and almost always makes me feel frustrated – but for once, when I needed a quick answer about the first day of spring, she helped me out. Thanks, Siri!

Quick answers. I find that in this fast-paced world, I’m constantly seeking quick answers, both at work and in my personal life. Quick answers, quick reads, short videos and webinars, fast meals, short wash cycles…you get the picture. I even timed three different routes from work to home to find which one is the fastest. Who has time to take the long road?

But last week, while quickly scanning Yammer to find out what my work colleagues were up to, I came across an article one of them shared and it really hit home. How many times do I like, share and retweet articles on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites that I don’t read all the way through? Or even past the first paragraph? More often than I want to admit. But apparently I’m not the only one. Social media measures engagements through likes, shares and retweets, but are people really engaged if they don’t actually read a blog post before sharing it?

See what you think. Read the blog below – or not – and share if you’re so inclined.

Hope to see you at our March 5 meeting. Be sure to note the change in location. The program promises to be great.

Looking forward to March 22,

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