Dec. 2018 President's Message

This message is LATE.

The IABC Topeka Chapter holiday party is THIS WEDNESDAY – and you haven’t gotten my note.

And for once, I actually have a reason besides generally being a bit "Prisoner of Azkaban"-style Hemione Granger.

One week ago I was in a really severe accident. A (presumably drunk) driver ran a red light a t-boned my car. I was wearing a seat belt and all my airbags deployed – so even though I rolled – and spun – and slid, I walked away. Bruised and sore, but walking. I was supposed to be on bedrest for the week – but I happen to have volunteered as the volunteer coordinator for Festival of Trees – and I couldn’t NOT be there. (Ok, I could have, but, if you know me, that just wasn’t an option for my personal code.) Speaking of Festival – I want to give a shout out to member Jenalea Randall (and her sister) for their ribbon-winning porchscape and a kudos to the IABC/Topeka board for submitting our first ever chapter entry into the festival!

I am – quite literally – blessed to be alive and even ABLE to come to the party this week. And when I think about the life that I get to continue living – the community we’re building here in Topeka – how many new followers I have on Instagram (thanks to last month’s presentation) – I am overwhelmed. But in a really good way. I went from – omg there is so much to do (ugh) – to – OMG there IS so MUCH to do (yippee).

In light of the renewed sincerity of my violent perkiness – I want to celebrate with you. And I know, for the most part, this is a REALLY last minute reminder, but hopefully, it’s a reminder of one of your favorite things – because it’s time to play – OUR FAVORITE THINGS.

Free to members and their guests– food and beverages included.

Please bring FIVE (5) IDENTICAL WRAPPED ITEMS that each cost $5 or less. (Hence, your total spend would be UNDER $25). They can be a random cool thing you found, or, one of your favorite things. For example, most years I bring 5 bottles of Cold Duck. It was the first spirit I ever tried, and I remember my pop-pop sneaking it to me. It’s sweet and bubbly and feels like an inside joke and you can get it for $4.99 a bottle.

You’ll leave the party with five NEW gifts, and a wonderful collection of stories from your friends and peers.

If I don’t see you Wednesday, I’ll see you soon!