Feb. 2019 President's Message

If you’ve met me, you know that I have both a day-job and a freelance effort. In my freelance work, I recently completed a website IN SIX DAYS. It was nothing short of a caffeine-fueled miracle. Now we’re on to edits and minor adjustments, and the client is a little confused why edits aren’t being done AS FAST as the miracle site itself. Obviously, I have a communication opportunity here to established expectations. But the experience overall made me reflect on my time and priorities. There is a meme-able quote floating around that says:

 "Friendly Reminder that “Doing Your Best” does not mean working yourself to the point of a complete breakdown."

 This is a good reminder for individuals AND groups. For example, your IABC board works really hard to keep this chapter going. Sometimes that is a scary thing in the face of more focused groups (there’s a social media club in Topeka) and less expensive groups (AdFed is cool like that). At the end of the day though, IABC is still the International Association of Business Communicators – and that is something all its own, with unparalleled online professional development resources, and a community history that is decades long. It’s worth working for: Our Awesome Christmas Party, Our Unique Jobs Board, Our Monthly Programming. Our chapter is Topeka’s own caffeine-fueled miracle.

 But the edits can’t come as fast; and now we have a communication opportunity with you.

Your chapter’s board is a pretty tight knit group, and we have to make sure we’re taking care of each other as well as the programming. Which means, to do OUR best, that we will not be having a 2019 Topeka Bronze Quill. We ARE, however, partnering with the Kansas City chapter of IABC to do a collaborative event. More opportunity, more categories, more diverse judges. As a team, we are very excited about this, and we hope you and your team will start preparing now for your 2019 KC Metro Bronze Quill. Submissions will be accepted in April, with an event in July. You’ll still be eligible for member submission rates, and our chapter will be coordinating group transportation into KC for the awards.

March’s programming looks at the intersection of professional copy and prose with local author, poet, and playwright, Huascar Medina. Join us March 6 at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, and if you’d like to join the future of Topeka IABC, contact me about joining the board.


- Jesyca Hope, IABC/Topeka President

Late Dec. 2018 President's Message

Happy almost 2019!

Soon, the Topeka IABC team will be kicking off the new year with announcements regarding our preparations for Bronze Quill 2019. One way that you can prepare is by getting involved with Gold Quill on the regional level. Here are some resources you may find interesting:

Your final opportunities to submit entries to the 2019 IABC Gold Quill Awards program will be here before you know it. The deadline is Wednesday, January 9 and the late deadline, which is the last chance to submit an entry (at a higher entry fee), is Tuesday, January 29. Don't miss out on getting recognized for your great work!

We're excited for all we have planned so far for 2019 and hope you will join us for a year of growth and recongnition!

Jesyca Hope, IABC/Topeka President