Communicator of the Year

The IABC Communicator of the Year Award is bestowed annually to a communications professional who demonstrates vision, leadership, creativity and dedication in their commitment to their profession, their organization and the communications industry in general. Candidates must be an active member of IABC Topeka.


Previous IABC/Topeka Communicators of the Year:

2016: Marsha Boswell

2015: Sarah Towle

2014: Mary Tritsch

2013: Tamara Hosman Taylor

2012: Alex Reilly

2011: Amy Fleischer

2010: Kimberly Gerlach

2009: Gina Penzig

2008: Cynthia Menzel

2007: Marlou Wegener

2006: Laura Lutz

2003: Katharine Weickert

2001: Donna Abdallah

2000: Konni Flynn

1999: Kathy Toelkes

1997: Andy Velez

1996: Michel’ Philipp Cole

1995: Janie Rutherford

1994: Kim Gronniger

1993: Mary Betzen

1992: Cindy Johnston